The only program designed to transform you from a stifled and stuck corporate employee to a fierce and flawless creative entrepreneur who has the authority to attract high-dollar clients without having to beg, borrow, or steal!

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep plugging away at your uninspiring corporate 9-5 during the day while you secretly burn the midnight oil in sheer exhaustion just to get things done in your own business

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep up the freelance gig while taking on boring projects just for the spare cash while faking the funk with crazy clients who make Charlie Sheen look sane. normal. and legit

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep undervaluing your services and programs, avoiding money talk, foregoing sales conversations, and accepting peanuts on payday month-after-month

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep plugging away at your uninspiring corporate 9-5 during the day while you secretly burn the midnight oil in sheer exhaustion just to get things done in your own business

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep up the freelance gig while taking on boring projects just for the spare cash while faking the funk with crazy clients who make Charlie Sheen look sane. normal. and legit

  • Yeah - you could...

    keep undervaluing your services and programs, avoiding money talk, foregoing sales conversations, and accepting peanuts on payday month-after-month

– OR –

you can wipe the slate clean,

grab your chai latte,

take a seat,

do some deep self-forgiveness work,

and finally put yourself in a position to profit (NOW)

Here’s the thing about you. It doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s at work, a networking event, or happy hour with your girls, you’re always one of the smartest people in the room.

But, you’re more than just brains. You’ve got a big heart, a curious soul, and you’re open to possibilities…to play…and to…


those parts of you stay hidden deep down inside. You’ve been smothered by the demands of a corporate position for so long that you don’t even remember who you are anymore.

What do you like to do in your free time?

What do you love to wear?

Who would you be if you weren’t wearing a mask?

Well, the answer right now is… who knows (painful I know).

Those answers come with TIME.

And you? You don’t have the kind of time you need to…





You have a deep desire to share your skills, talents, and gifts on a wider scale.

You have a deep desire to teach or serve so that you can impact thousands of clients or students.

And, most of all…

You have a deep desire to grow a booming business you love (on your terms, your time, and your turf).

Where you’re stuck is HOW! How the hell are you supposed to build a profitable or sustainable business?

It’s not that you haven’t read the books, listened to the biz building podcasts, or watched free webinar after webinar.

It’s not that you haven’t invested in yourself. (You believe in the value of expertise.)

It’s not that you haven’t
signed up for a self-paced $97 dollar program here, a membership site there, or large group program (where all you were was a number, not a soul).

In fact, maybe some of those programs even claimed to be the equivalent of university programs, but left you feeling like:

you’re the only one who is still a 9-5 employee with real responsibilities, real deadlines, and real life happening in the background

you’re on the outside looking in while everyone else mingles and mixes in some special club you’ve been left out of.

you’re the only one growing a service-based business that requires you to market yourself, do sales calls, and create business systems to keep it all together.

In short, everything you’ve ever been part of before felt like a whole lotta fluff!

If you’re someone who’s ready to:

  • Build a social media following of raving fans
  • Create offers people are hungry for (and buy), and
  • Use online marketing techniques in a way that feels authentic and fresh

Then you’re in the right place and I’m gonna help you achieve those three things and so much more!

Ooooh, you’re wondering who I am?

– and –

Attract dream clients,
Be seen as an industry expert, and
Create systems that allow you to sell out your programs and get booked full months in advance!

As a Copywriter and Coach with a degree in Public Communication (yes I studied the art of persuasion) and over 13 years of experience, I’m here to help you master your message and make money with every tool in your box, especially your words.

Why Me?

Well, why not me? If you’re a creative, a designer, or a writer – and you wanna learn how to grow an online business,
you might as well work with someone who stays effortlessly booked, charges premium rates, and has a waitlist of clients.

(those are all the things you aspire to, right?)

In my 1:1 copywriting business, I work with soulful 6 and 7-figure business owners who will tell you that
my contributions allow them to convert to the tune of consistent $20k+ months and $50k-$100k launches!

Sounds good right?

Well – what if I told you that my business used to suck (big-time)?

I didn’t always own a little empire that was overflowing with consistent clients, shout-outs from industry leaders, and an income to match.

You see, for over 12 years I was a wanna-be-entrepreneur.

I wanted so badly to experience freedom, set my own schedule, and do work that matched my heart.


I tried and crashed at least 5 different times before I found a business that worked. I sold jewelry, created a bath & body company, tried my hand at life coaching, and so much more.


And, each time I felt like the whole world was pointing + laughing while calling me a flake.

Even then, I couldn’t give up. I was a mom and wife stuck in a cushy-but-thankless career where I only got to use like a quarter of my talent, and none of my heart.


Blamed it on having kids – because I was doing my best to be a great mom – and great moms don’t take risks like start a business.
Blamed it on being married and trying to be a good spouse – because my hubby was in law school while I worked, and I needed every resource I could get my hands on to support him and our family,
Blamed it on my career – because I worked so many hours and devoted so much to that pursuit; how would I ever have any time left over for me?

Then one day I came across a phenomenal online entrepreneur who was rocking it and making 6 then 7-figs in her biz (despite her kids and her husband) – and with a lot less in terms of money, support, and resources.

That’s when my excuses ran dry. If she could do it, why couldn’t I?

Good question, Tepsii (I said to myself under my breath).

Seeing others succeed has never made me feel jealous or envious –
instead it made me feel hopeful and alive with a ton of freaking potential.

(And a tiny tinge of *get up off your ass and get it done, already!)

I never wanted to be the next Oprah or Beyonce. I wanted to be ME – but with as much visibility, influence, and impact as those two names.

To truly transform you’ve gotta be fed up. And I was…

I was absolutely (mentally) done with my job (nothing about it suited me).
Not the politics (I couldn’t be bothered).
Not the gossip (I didn’t engage).
Not the salary (6-figs but not much growth potential).
And, certainly not being BOSSED around!

When that phenomenal entrepreneur opened her mentorship, I signed up and fell deep into the world of online business, email marketing, list building, and of course copywriting.

The more I learned, the more I loved it… My whole world opened up, and I started to see what was possible for my future as I got laser focused on my goals.

I wanted to grow a business, quit my job, retire my hubby, and move to South Africa.


Some call it luck, others call it opportunity + preparedness – either way, that experience allowed me to meet and mingle with an extraordinary group of fellow entrepreneurs who, one after the other, inspired me to change my life.

I was scared out of my mind to push beyond my comfort zone to start an online business. So much so that I went by my nickname so that no one would know who I really was. But, I couldn’t let fear stop me. So, I made it be known that I was open for business as a Copywriter.

Then I got a few clients by referral, gave them stellar customer service and killer copy, then asked for testimonials.

Those testimonials made me insanely visible (they are my free marketing machine – and they still work!)

Clients started tagging me everywhere on Facebook and linking to my work!

I was getting shout-outs from people I didn’t even know (my taste of those 15 minutes of fame, lol),

I quickly got up to speed with online marketing and relationship building.

I hit all of my goals, made my first $25k, and launched my very first course in under four months! And, I can honestly say it was because I invested in myself in the form of mentorship and guidance!

Fast forward a little less than a year, and these are the kinds of rave reviews I am receiving from the alumni of Tepsii’s Online Business School:

So, after working with dozens of clients on uber-successful launches, It’s safe to say that I know exactly how to craft a killer brand strategy, compelling marketing message, and a visibility plan to pull it all together!

But, I’m not selfish. In fact, I live in a world filled with abundance.

and created a virtual mentorship that can work for any creative, designer, or writer who’s got a burning desire to get known and get booked. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

The only program designed to transform you from a stifled and stuck corporate employee to a fierce and flawless creative entrepreneur who has the authority to attract high-dollar clients without having to beg, borrow, or steal!


You’ll mastermind with other brilliant writers, creatives, and designers.


You’ll get access to my signature client attraction blueprint, and when we’re finished you’ll…

Attract dream clients who never question your worth

Have a brand new mindset plus additional after having gone through a mental and emotional transformation

Niche alllllll the way down so that you can get clear on your ideal clients and make more money than you ever imagined

Know what it takes to be an extremely visible industry leader who regularly gets love-letters from your peers. (yes, that happens to me)

Increase your rates and create packages that wow your prospects

Create your own signature systems for handling clients, growing your business, and staying profitable

Have an understanding of all the things that are lacking for you whether it’s sales, design, client relationship, systems, and more

Get sold out and booked full by upleveling your creative brand in a way that makes you shine!

In this Powerful Program I’ve Reverse Engineered All My Systems and I’m Uncovering all My Secrets By Handing You All of This!

Weekly audio + video training

An insider’s peek at my rolodex of designers, funnel experts, and sales superstars

Access to my exclusive systems including my very own copywriting, email marketing, and sales scripts

Plus, everything you need to streamline your systems create your stunning brand + website, put up ads, and interact with clients

Your own online support system where you’ll find me hanging out every single day

You’ll network with power-players and rub shoulders with my guest mentors

Stop by your virtual coffee shop and mingle with your driven, hardworking, and passionate mastermind besties

Get paired with an accountability team for added support

Email access to Tepsii. Submit your playwork for personalized feedback each week!

Share your periscope and social media handles and I might just stop by and surprise you!

Group Q&A sessions where you have the chance to receive 1:1 guidance and advice from me to help solve your challenges as well as cheer you on for your successes!

With Biz Training, Group Accountability, and 1:1 Support I just mentioned, you’re all Set to Crush it!

But, here’s the thing. I’ve written dozens of sales pages (no joke) and I’m a master with language, marketing, and persuasion.


But, those programs AREN’T for someone like YOU – the creative, sensitive, and soulful entrepreneur that you are.

I created this Group Mastermind because I’m dying to see you rise to your potential and I truly want you to take your business to the next level.

It’s really as simple as that. It really hurts my soul when I see my fellow creatives stuck in a rut that leaves them broke and working with non-ideal clients who suck the soul out of them.

Plus – I’ve really benefited by being in masterminds with fellow heart-centered, passionate, and driven entrepreneurs.

When they work, I work. When they win, I win. It’s like vicarious momentum! I know that you’ll benefit from this too!

So by now you’re wondering if I’m the real deal and if I can really help you the way I say I can.

Well, don’t just take my word for it, look what members of my community have to say about what I’m like.


$20k Months + I Sold Out My Group Program!

“Tepsii’s approach is one of a kind. After working with Tepsii I got so much clearer on my ideal client. She spent so much time figuring out what I really wanted. The copy she wrote for my website was so amazing that I sold out my group program right away and am achieving $20k months. I got so many compliments on my website, people kept asking who wrote my copy! Tepsii has a talent for discovering something in you that you don’t even know you have. After working with Tepsii I know myself so much deeper, working with her was so beneficial. I’m very blessed and honored to know and work with Tepsii. She’s very profound and makes an effort to get to know me and my ideal clients better than I know them.

– Daria Zest, Success Coach

I Recommend Her Wholeheartedly!

“I love that she was able to connect the dots so well and write about me, my ideal client, and what I can offer in such a fun and unique way.”
– Denise Diggs, Life Coach

Here’s what I know about you, My Dear Friend:


and –


Here’s another thing I know…
When you start something you go all in. I’m talking full-throttle, love.
You get extremely excited by all the prospects and opportunities that come along.
But, when it comes to online business building it feels like the harder you work, the slower your progress.


What the heck? What gives?
Well – I’ve crafted this program to solve every single one of the concerns you have about growing a service-based business online. It’s about:


Take my hand – because what you lack, I’ve got. And, when you falter, I’ll have your back

You’re REALLY good at what you do


You already know your craft inside and out
Whether it’s how to Write, how to Design, Or how to Code

And, the truth is… most people out there are lost when it comes to the creative skills that come to you intuitively.

Without the writing, design, or technical skills you have, the world would come to a halt!
That’s why I can argue that your skills are the most valuable in the world and if you’re selling them for just a few hundred here and a few hundred there, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

It’s a matter of owning your worth.

It’s a matter of recognizing your value.


It’s a matter of upleveling your mindset to match your desires.

You see, when you’re not charging enough you have to take on way too many clients to bring in a profit.

That leaves you exhausted,
That leaves you resentful of your work, and
That leaves you wondering if this online business thing is just the biggest sham in the history of the world.

(Don’t worry, It’s NOT)

I was there too – just a year ago I sold full website copywriting for under $1000 dollars. Today, I charge almost 5 times that because I’ve created a premium brand with a premium price tag.

I Created this Coaching Program Because My Peers Keep E-mailing, Messaging, and Calling to ask “How Can I Sell My Creative Skills for a Premium Price, Too?”

Ask NO more…


A few days after you enroll in the program I’ll send materials to build the foundation of your biz. Get clear on these activities and you’ll be golden because self doubt was the biggest monster I had to slay on my journey.

Together we’ll start to design your life, clear all your limiting beliefs, and position you as a $5k+ a month entrepreneur!
I’ll encourage you to send this to me so I can give you feedback and help set you up for success.

Take a Peek at the Bold and Brilliant Bonuses I’ve Organized to Uplevel You


Yup, my signature copywriting course (with live support and reviews of your copy by ME) is all yours when you enroll. This includes From About Me to Pay Me, my paint-by-numbers About Page template, as well as Flawless: Your Super Persuasive and Highly Converting Sales Page Workshop. By the end of this course you’ll be at my level (or close) when it comes to copywriting! (thank me later)
Value: $997


My exclusive membership community created specifically for YOU, the heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to master the art of making money while connecting with soulful clients and customers!
Value: $450


My husband Sean and I are going to go the extra mile and show you everything you need to know to set up an evergreen funnel and so you can start collecting some passive income. Sean is going to give you all the deets on the technical and logistical set up of a funnel, from facebook ads, to leadpages, to email sequences, to deadline timers, he’ll dish it all. And I’ll show you how to write copy throughout your funnel that will condition your customers to see no choice but to buy!
Value: $597


You’ll get exclusive access to my Brilliant Launch Blueprint, the formula that I have used time and again to pull off five figure launches!
Value: $397


Everyone else in this space is selling you the pin-worthy / decadent, laptop-life full of luxury and first-class errrything!

They’re selling you their picture-perfect life. They’re selling you their highly curated instagram feeds.


They’re selling you their designer duds that are literally rented from the runway

Well, not me!

I’m here to add something NEW to the scene.

I want to help you create a business that’s fun, soulful, and authentic.

A business where you call the shots and run things on your terms. So if what you love is the luxurious high-end life then that’s what you’ll go after. But, if you’re a minimalist who lives a simple life and loves to travel with nothing more than a backpack, your Macbook, and a map, then that’s what you can achieve!

If you ask me, it’s not about rising up to fit someone else’s life, it’s all about settling into your skin, growing a booming business, and enjoying a full life so you can expand and do what feels good to you!

$5k months in your business are within your reach and
$10k months will come soon after that
without hustling too hard or struggling just to make it.


It’s either you go all in now, or you sit back and watch everyone you love and admire as they steal your spot in the front row.

The truth is, when it comes to your business,

I’m gonna help you #slay,

Put you in #formation, and

Help you to make Lemonade out of Lemons.


My Online Business School is priced perfectly to make it affordable just for you!

And, here’s the thing, you’ll want to sign up this time around because the bonuses alone are worth your entire investment.
I can’t promise you that these same bonuses will be available next time.
And, my biz besties are busy. I can’t guarantee that they’ll show up live the next time I launch this program.

Oh, and speak of launching – I can’t tell you when my team and I will do it again. I’m a sensitive person who does things in divine timing. If you’ve ever wanted to work with me in any capacity and you acknowledge the value that I bring –


This is NOT for you if you can’t make a move, baby. Inaction breeds laziness and we ain’t havin’ that! So decide the time is now for YOU and become one of the ten #CopyBesties that will be working with me in this round of my Online Business School (that’s right, only ten spots are available, and I really hope that includes you!).

So what is your investment going to be?


(Payment Plans Available)

When you Register for Tepsii’s Online Business School you will have access to:

  • All 5 Modules
  • 12 WEEKLY Live Group Coaching Calls with Me!
  • Two 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls with Me!
  • One full year of access to Born to Convert, my exclusive membership community.
  • One full year of access to the Born to Convert Private Facebook Group
  • Access to my Signature Copywriting Course – The Write to Profit™
  • Access to The Tshiko’s Flawless Funnels
  • Access to Tepsii’s Brilliant Launch Blueprint




Wondering about payment plans and options? When it comes to working with me 1:1 in my copywriting business, I usually require full payment upfront. But, because I’ve been in your shoes, I understand the pressures that come with working in a corporate position while trying to build a business on the side (and maybe even taking care of a family – I’ve got a full house myself!)

That’s why in addition to giving you SO MUCH awesomeness, I’ve made sure to give you a variety of payment options.
Just click on the buttons to learn more!

Tepsii and girls


you’re ready to call the shots and you’re sick and tired of being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it by people who don’t seem to appreciate you much at your 9-5.

you’re ready to cut the strings that keep you chained to your location because two weeks a year and the occasional long weekend isn’t long enough to truly enjoy a get-away.

you’re ready to make the kind of money that allows you to do whatever the hell you want whenever you want – for me it’s mid-week safari’s, picnics with my kids, or laying in bed till 10 with no repercussions.

At this point I’m going to tell you that I’d never ask you to sign up for something that doesn’t feel like a good fit.

You’re smart and you’ve got great instincts… if this feels right, then it is right. Plain and simple.

You’ve got a couple of choices and one of them is to sit back and do what you’ve been doing. That’ll amount to…NOTHING. That means you’re signing up for a freebie here or a webinar there, but a year from now you’ll wake up

….feeling overwhelmed by your inaction
…paralyzed by your lack of choices
…exhausted by gripping too tight to every last dollar you bring in

Brand Your Passions Generated over $75k!

“Tepsii supported with sales page copy for three high dollar launches this year including Brand Your Passions, which generated over $75k. Tepsii is my go-to Copywriter and a key member of my business team! When I work with Tepsi, I feel supported in my business. She’s a genius copywriter who truly understands my ideal customer inside and out.”
– Carolin Soldo Webber, Business Coach

Tepsii’s Online Business School is my passion project, my baby, my pièce de résistance

In it, I’m giving you my aaaaaalllll!

I’m committing all my resources to make this a roaring success for me and you both. Your success translates to my success, so you can bet your favorite outfit that I’ll over-deliver.

Wondering if Tepsii’s Online Business School is really for you?
Here’s a top 10 list I know you can relate to:

1) You’ve always known you weren’t meant for ordinary things.

2) You’ve had a nagging feeling as far back as you can remember. Maybe high school or even younger.

3) You might have tried the corporate thing – and you’ve done it well – but now you can’t fake it anymore, you’re finally tapped out

4) You secretly can’t stand authority and you’ve mentally flipped your boss the bird a time or two before (lol, I won’t tell)

5) In quiet moments when it’s just you and your thoughts, you feel a wave of disappointment and a tinge of anger wash over you because you haven’t achieved what you intended so far in life and biz

6) You watch other people do exactly what you dream of doing – and instead of feeling jealous you feel a mixture of sadness and hope because you know that success is still possible for you

7) You’re a born leader – and at times you’ve been called bossy or aggressive, but the reality is you’re misunderstood, underutilized, and you feel like you are suffocating in your current role

8) You want to redefine ordinary – the rat race that leads grown men to the 9-5 pasture like blind sheep is for the birds baby, the birds!

9) You feel stifled and stuck when you think about working to make someone else rich. You’re not a pawn on a chessboard, you’re a freaking leader.

10) You secretly dream of being a multi-millionaire – it might sound crazy to your friends and family. But, you know that you’ve got it in you, you’re just starting the journey to find out HOW.

Phew… that top ten list was ME before May 13, 2015.


I made $25k in my first two months in biz. But, to do that I worked full time in my day job and full time in my biz. That meant I was sacrificing my sleep, my sanity,and my happiness.

May 13th, 2015 was the day I said sayonara to my day job and went all in with my business.

My boss was shocked, he probably still is. You see, he thought I was gonna be there begging for that measly 2% raise for the rest of my life. But nope, I control my destiny now. Saying goodbye never felt so sweet!

If that top 10 list totally resonates I want to encourage not to go on this journey blindly. Let’s do this together and put you on the road to:

making more money,
becoming a premium brand,
creating an insane following of raving fans
being booked full using free and paid marketing methods

And so much more!

I already told you that I’m sensitive and intuitive.

So, you might not be surprised when I tell you I don’t believe in coincidences. I know that when you end up somewhere it’s
divine timing for divine reasons.

You’re here because you were led to finally answer your calling to make more money
and create an authentic, fun, and profitable brand with a mentor who
truly loves you.

(that’s me!)

But, remember, even divine timing has it’s limits.

I first saw the program that opened my eyes to online marketing and business building in January 2013. But I was too unsure of myself
and I didn’t have the confidence to step out and invest heavily in myself. If I had taken a stand for myself back then I would
have been in business for three years by now.

But, instead I waited. And waited. And then I waited some more. I didn’t create my first offering until early 2015.
Look at all that time I wasted.

Are you ready to give up the next three years of your life answering
to a boss who’s not even as skilled as you?

I don’t think so, baby!

Tepsii’s Online Business School


Hurry and book now!


If you’re thinking about enrolling I know exactly how you’re feeling.

It’s Not that Your Career Hasn’t Been Successful or Rewarding, It’s Just That You’ve Had to Sacrifice Too Much to Get this Far.

With your level of hustle, your brains, and your innovation you should have been the boss by now, but are you? No, not yet?

No worries, love. We’re about to fix that with something of your own!

Ok, this is it. I’m the woman with the words. But, my ink’s going dry.




The only thing left is for me to hand you the A’s to your Q’s


Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely! That’s my specialty. When it comes to finding clients you can’t sit back wishing and hoping. You’ve got to go all in and create relationships plus show the results of working with you. If you’ve been following me you might have noticed that I get clients effortlessly. That’s by no accident, it’s by design. This program was created to show you my exact process for getting and keeping high dollar clients on a regular basis. Doesn’t that sound great to you?

If so then go ahead, sign up!

If you’ve made it all the way down here it might be because you’re ready to go from #Besties
to Biz partners by enrolling in Tepsii’s Online Business School.


Tepsii’s Online Business School


Do you have just one more unanswered question lingering in your soul? No problem, love. Email to get an answer within 12 hours

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